Plastic spiral binding

Size A4Size A3
up to 100 sheets2.50 lv.4.50 lv.
up to 150 sheets 2.60 lv.4.60 lv.
up to 200 sheets3.00 lv.5.00 lv.
up to 300 sheets3.30 lv.5,30 лв.
over 300 sheets 4.00 lv.6.00 lv.
All prices include VAT.

Metal spiral binding

Size A4Size A3
Up to 75 sheets3.30 lv.5.20 lv.
Up to 150 sheets3.60 lv.5.80 lv.
Up to 250 sheets3.90 lv.6.00 lv.
Over 250 sheets 4.10 lv.6,50 лв.
All prices include VAT.

Lamination with pocket laminate (glossy)

up to A5А4А3
up to 10 pieces 0.80 lv.1.20 lv.1.90 lv.
11 to 50 pieces0.70 lv.1.00 lv.1.70 lv.
over 51 pieces0.60 lv.0.90 lv.1.50 lv.
All prices include VAT.

Large format lamination

30 mic.75 mic.250 mic.
32 cm. gloss1.30 lv.2.20 lv.7.40 lv.
32 cm. matte1.30 lv.4,30 лв.13,10 лв.
32 cm digital matte2.00 lv.--
32 cm "velvet"3.20 lv.--
32 cm "gold"
/ "сребро"
8,80 лв.--
Цените са за 1 лист 488х330 мм.
All prices include VAT.

Cutting plotter

Type of servicePrice per sq.m.Minimum price
Contour cutting18.00 lv.8.00 lv.
Objects under 4 sq. cm.25.00 lv.12.00 lv.
Cleaning of PVC foil on objects under 2 sq.cm.40.00 lv.15.00 lv.
Placement of transport film8.00 lv.5.00 lv.
All prices include VAT.

Company seals

Type of servicePrice
Изработка на файл6.00 lv.
Making of seal stamp A7, A811,00 лв.
Making of seal stamp A620.00 lv.
Making of seal stamp A532,00 лв.
Changing of seal stamp2.20 lv.
Filling with ink1.10 lv.
The indicated prices are for a standard order - 24 hours.
Експресна услуга + 12.00 лв. (за същия работен ден).
All prices include VAT.


Sofia cityBulgaria
Поръчка над 150 лв.free of chargefree with Speedy / Econt
Поръчка до 149,99 лв10.00 lv.at Speedy / Econt rates
All prices include VAT.